Beltor Engineering brings value and specialist skills to our customers.
We provide the following services:
• 800t Press - 2.9m Max Width
• Guillotine of up to 16mm Plate - 2.9m Max Width
• Punch and Shears
• Hydraulic Design, Installation and Testing

Engineering and Design

• Concept Drafting
• Design and certification      
• Stability testing and certification

Overhaul of Mining equipment

• Longwall equipment
• Development face equipment
• Conveyor equipment

QDS inspections (click to visit)

• Non Destructive Testing (NDT )
• Magnetic Particle testing
• Ultra Sonic
• Dye Penetrant
• Welding Certification
• Compliance Reports

Protective Coatings

• Abrasive blasting services 
• Protective coatings

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