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Mining Equipment Hire

Beltor Contango is the next generation in financing and hire options for Mining Equipment.

Beltor Contango provides your operation with new equipment whilst at the same time minimising initial capital expenditure.

Products which can be secured under Beltor Contango includes:

Boot ends
Cable basket
Cable boats
Cable carrier
Cable extension pod
Cable pods
Chain pods
Concrete kibble
Crib pod
Crib pod with deputy station

Dozer blade
Duck bill blade
Duckbill narrow
Explosive pod
Fines pod
Fish tank
Fitters pod
Fork – varied sizes
Fuel pod

Jibs (various)
Lube pod
Maintenance pod
Man basket
Mesh carrier
Pipe basket
Pipe platform
Reel transport sleds
Roof bolt cassettes
Spares pod
Structure pod

Supply pod
Tool boxes
Pods (Various)
Winder – fixed leg type
Winder – hydraulic leg type
Winder trailer
Work platform

We have been at your service since 1975, providing robust engineering