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Underground Mining Products


Minimise production disruptions with the proven Beltor Mine Extraction Device

Beltor is the OEM of the Mine Extraction Device (MED)), which has been designed, manufactured and engineer certified for a pulling capacity of up to 360 Tonnes (also available in 150T and 210T rated capacities). The MED will safely extract bogged or buried underground equipment.

The MED has performed hundreds of successful extractions at a number of underground mining operations (both coal and hard rock) across Australia.

Minimise production disruptions by eliminating the need to deploy production equipment to assist in recoveries as well as minimising interactions with bogged or buried equipment with the use of the optional remote control.

The MED eliminates the need for traditional recovery methods that involve the use of other mobile equipment, which reduces the hazards associated with personnel working around mobile equipment in close quarters and allows other mining operations to continue relatively uninterrupted.

The unique retrieval system has the support of numerous insurance companies with recognition that if this system cannot retrieve a buried loader then the loader is not retrievable.

The Mine Extraction Device is manufactured by Beltor

Beltor Pipe Trailer

Beltor has taken the Pipe Trailer and revolutionised it.

The Beltor Pipe Trailer:

  • Reduces manual handling of the pipes
  • Isolated man basket improves safety by reducing the exposure of operators to ‘pinch points’
  • Provides the most efficient pipe loading process on the market.
  • The Beltor Pipe Trailer can be provided to meet a range of pipe sizes.
Beltor Underground Mining Pipe Trailer

Beltor StructureLift

Beltor’s latest innovation

400% Productivity Improvement!

According to our customers, this revolutionary product provides a step change in productivity gains!

The Beltor StructureLift allows an assembled structure to be secured into position in a fraction of the time

Designed for a range of roof heights, the Beltor StructureLift is a revolution.

Beltor Underground Implements

Beltor has almost 50 years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing a range of underground implements.

Developed with significant input from our customers, our complete range of implements are optimised for maximum productivity and include industry leading safety features.

Our implements are:

Boot ends
Cable basket
Cable boats
Cable carrier
Cable extension pod
Cable pods
Chain pods
Concrete kibble
Crib pod
Crib pod with deputy station

Dozer blade
Duck bill blade
Duckbill narrow
Explosive pod
Fines pod
Fish tank
Fitters pod
Fork – varied sizes
Fuel pod

Jibs (various)
Lube pod
Maintenance pod
Man basket
Mesh carrier
Pipe basket
Pipe platform
Reel transport sleds
Roof bolt cassettes
Spares pod
Structure pod

Supply pod
Tool boxes
Pods (Various)
Winder – fixed leg type
Winder – hydraulic leg type
Winder trailer
Work platform

Longwall Systems

Beltor has designed, engineered, manufactured and installed a number of longwall components.

We design, manufacture and install:

Side shields
Flushing shields
Relay bars
Pans, spill plates and dagger plates

BSL components
Crusher components
Monorail cassettes
Monorail systems
Roof support

We have been at your service since 1975, providing robust engineering