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Surface Mining Products

Beltor OEM+

OEM+ is a range of replacement components for haul trucks, excavators, HMS and ancillary equipment.

Benefits of OEM+

Lower Cost – OEM+ components are provided at a fraction of the cost of the OEM
Faster Turn Time – OEM+ components are provided faster than the OEM
Longer Lasting – get a longer life expectancy from your components

Beltor Shield D11 Handrails

Increase fall protection on your dozer fleet with the Beltor Shield
D11 Handrails.

Beltor ‘Pitcher’ –
GET Removal Tool

Eliminate the use of hammers when removing GET

The safest and fastest way to remove GET from excavators, shovels, dozers and graders. Using a small hydraulic ram, the Pitcher eliminates the need for hammers to remove locking pins for GET.

Reduce downtime with the use of this certified handheld device, its compact size makes it perfect for in-pit GET removal.

The Beltor Pitcher is available in a range of sizes to suit all major types of excavators, shovels, dozers and graders.

Beltor Pitcher GET Removal Tool

Beltor Component & Truck Stands

Custom built truck & component stands are the perfect way to safely store and transport componentry

Introducing The first universal Caterpillar D10T & D11T Radiator Guard Transport Frame

Caterpillar D10T & D11T Radiator Guard Transport

Beltor Mobile Access Solutions

Beltor is a market leader in providing improved access solutions for all major manufacturers of mobile mining equipment.

We have been at your service since 1975, providing robust engineering